center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE

Who we are

SHARE, the center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE is the first organization in South Korea to provide comprehensive and intersectional services related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). SHARE is dedicated to researching and proposing laws and policies related to SRHR, providing medical information and support, and offering resources and training programs for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). SHARE aims at building a society where everyone can enjoy their sexual and reproductive rights and achieve social justice.


SHARE creates a society where everyone enjoys sexual and reproductive rights without being discriminated against or excluded and, based on sufficient information and equal resources, mutually builds capacity.


SHARE creates a heartwarming and comfortable space where anyone can visit at any time without hesitation and share any kind of story.

SHARE creates an environment for grounded and accurate counseling and accessible treatment and creates a society free from discrimination.

SHARE forms networks with diverse fields and social movements at home and abroad and raises civil society’s awareness of SRHR.

SHARE builds systems whereby diverse people can access sexual and reproductive information and support needed in their lives and creates and provides educational materials that are easy to understand and comprehensive and include sufficient content.

SHARE conducts research on and publicizes laws and policies to realize sexual rights and reproductive justice based on field circumstances and experiences.


SHARE fights against unjust power that infringes on sexual rights and reproductive justice.

SHARE aims at a horizontal culture and operation and puts emphasis on members’ capacity-building and happiness.

SHARE supports people’s right to experience and discover failure and joy in their lives and newly creates a language of rights whereby people can realize lives of their wishes instead of charity or protection.

SHARE challenges normality and, based on intersectionality and diversity, forges solidarity and creates change. In the process, it shares experiences with and mutually builds capacity with civil society organizations (CSOs).

SHARE is based on and organizes the field at the same time.

SHARE is aware that our activities are part of a broad movement to promote human rights and, as an organization based in non-Western Asia, maintains a postcolonial viewpoint.

SHARE rejects stigmas, pity, judgments, and correction, affirms all of our pleasures and desires, and supports people’s independent and free search for their rights.

SHARE resists the illegalization and criminalization of particular kinds of sex and reproduction and activates rights instead of prohibitions.

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