Medical Supports

We provide medical support to ensure comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

SHARE has Ob/Gyn doctor members and an affiliated clinic, the 'SDR clinic'(the Supporting Diversity and Reproductive Health Clinic). We are dedicated to building support systems and improving access to medical care for contraception, pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, childbirth, gender-affirming healthcare, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) care. We published “Safe Abortion Guidebook for Counselors and Medical Professionals ‘Together, by Your Side’.” “Together, by Your Side” proposes that we should be together with everyone who needs pregnancy termination at their side and reflects the intention that this guidebook likewise will be together with counselors and medical professionals who practice that invaluable change, by your side. The guidebook is structured so that the counselors, activists, teachers/instructors, and medical professionals can refer to practical and detailed guidelines. In addition, above all, anyone who wishes to find out accurate information and support direction regarding pregnancy termination either for themselves or someone around them can refer to these materials.

SHARE works towards dismantling prejudice, discrimination, and barriers based on disability, race, age, nationality, language, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, ensuring that everyone can access contraception, pregnancy, pregnancy termination, childbirth, transition, and sexual health counseling and treatment without fear of punishment.

  • Publication and distribution of the "Companion Guidebook for Pregnancy Termination for Counselors and Healthcare Providers" (2020)
  • Building a network of healthcare professionals, institutions, and support organizations to support sexual and reproductive health-related services
  • Production and distribution of easily understandable resources, information, and guidelines on sexual and reproductive health to enhance minority-friendly healthcare environments and improve access to healthcare and information
  • Establishment of comprehensive pregnancy termination counseling services, training, and support systems
  • Financial support for pregnancy termination services for adolescents, immigrants, and refugees
Medical Supports
Medical Supports

SHARE also offers various resources including videos, articles, and online brochures related to SRHR. You can see related informational videos such as the videos 'Safe Pregnancy Termination Using Medicine' and 'Safe Pregnancy Termination Through Operations' on both SHARE’s website and YouTube, and you can always access diverse informational materials that SHARE has produced so far on the bulletin board “SRHR 101” on the SHARE website as well. 

In addition, we are making efforts with related organizations and interpreters/translators to raise accessibility by translating our information into Korean Sign Language (KSL), simple (plain) Korean, and foreign languages.

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